In this episode we have the absolute pleasure of speaking with Suzy Jacobs. Suzy is the driving force behind Activator Academy, an online learning hub for free thinkers and high achievers. She’s a successful entrepreneur, an experienced business mentor and coach, and in-demand speaker & MC.

Suzy has spent more than 20 years working across business and franchise ventures, including leading start-ups and producing global events such as She Business, Athena and Fearless. Below are some pearls of wisdom from Suzy and myself (of which there are many when you chat with someone like Suzy!). I really encourage you to tune into the show and listen to her speak in person.

“To me unless you know your absolute truth, it’s too easy to let it all go because you’ll get thrown off track by other people’s concerns, worries and opinions. Think about how often this happens when we go to make a decision or a choice in life. We go and ring up all our friends, and say “what do you think I should do? What do you recommend?” We’re just creating a whole lot more confusion, because then we’ve got other people’s opinions to deal with as well. They’ve got their own interest in what they think you should do and lots of people want you to stay just where you are, because that makes them feel comfortable.” Suzy Jacobs

We all collectively make the same mistake. We misunderstand our own emotions. We’re scared to engage with our purpose and open our true selves up to the world. We need to source what we’re actually doing here, then take space and silence to really create and align our day with the purpose and the vision we have.

“People spend over $1.4 billion annually on books, which are about fixing human beings. There’s a really important message behind it which is, humans mistakenly think that we have to fit in, that there’s something wrong with us and that we have to fix ourselves. It’s not about fixing… it’s about developing the qualities and choosing who you want to be in life.” – Suzy Jacobs

The first thing to do is realise that you’re feeling something. Then go and break that down. You need to unpack each emotion, separate the feeling from the fact, and process them independently.

You need a structure for processing it so at the end of it, you can feel free. Free to make a new choice. Free to do the work that we want to do, we need to follow the process. The best way to get over fear and anxiety is to acknowledge it and feel the emotion. When you do the work, you are able to give it a name and then you own it. 

This is a time when a lot of women around their mid-life or so feel unseen and unbalanced. We all need to be careful about the language that we have inherited from our family and generations past. The language that puts ourselves down, the stereotypes and beliefs. 

How we show up in the world is a choice that we get to make. So are we going to allow people to choose for us and be a reaction to those external circumstances? Or do we ignore the noise and look within… There are always days where we feel unattractive or not the best version of ourselves.  Particularly as we get older it’s easy to take those external signs and make them mean something! If that’s how we view our life, that’s what we get. So it’s up to us to choose how we want to show up in the world.

Applying this to your business, the very foundation of building your brand comes from actually knowing who you are. That comes before building a brand around it. It won’t be authentic if you haven’t figured out what you’re all about. We spend too much time looking at what other people are doing and mimicking that because we don’t want to do the work and get to know ourselves.

Don’t allow other people to create who you choose to be. You get to choose that.

“It’s the power of habits. A lot of the work that people have to do when it comes to personal growth and development is actually just breaking habits that we mistake as the truth, or that effect that process itself is consciousness and mindfulness.” – Suzy Jacobs

This isolation is an incredibly valuable time to have some of these tricky conversations with ourselves. This is the time to question the status quo, what we’ve always been taught and what we’re led to believe. This is a great time for reinvention, because when it comes to self-analysis and getting to know yourself really intimately, there’s that feeling that things aren’t quite right. Things need to change, that’s when reinvention takes place and you go through your process.


7:18 When I get triggered by fear, I go and break that down…separate the feeling from the fact.

12:44 I’m in the branding marketing world too and people can only get the message that they’re able to hear

19:43 We have a choice whether we engage or disengage with negative surroundings. You don’t have to be nasty about it, you just don’t engage anymore.

28:50 Lots of people want you to stay just where you are in life, because that makes them feel comfortable.

40:33 You can only choose in the moment. Your choices are only valid in the second that you make them.

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