When your audience leaves your page, course or website, what is it that they will remember? Is there something clear and distinct? Is it the way you approach content with humour? The bright, distinctive orange of your brand colours perhaps? Maybe it’s a show stopping pink mohawk or a catchy brand name! Are you differentiating yourself to your market, or are you being overlooked?

It’s not just the company image that draws an audience, it’s the person behind the brand that does. People are craving connection more and more every day, especially in trying times such as these when we are faced with life altering circumstances. Your audience needs to be able to recognise and trust who they work with, buy from and go to. Personal branding is about integrity, authenticity and genuine connection.

Being authentic is the heart of representing yourself to your audience. People can feel if you’re trying to be something you’re not. Especially in tough times like these, that wall is stripped back, it’s time to be real and vulnerable and show your true colours. That’s how you hook and engage your audience. To be honest and brave is a powerful thing that helps to connect on an emotional level. That honesty is a connection. The best way to figure out personal branding for yourself is to distinguish your talents and find your purpose. 

If you want to make an impact, find out what makes you unique. You need to differentiate yourself within your industry. This is why I asked Lucy Bloom to describe herself for me, “I think my role, my talent is storytelling. I think my purpose is to take really boring events and make them memorable! To help people in their learning journey because you’ll learn so much better if you feel good. Bring them things that they wouldn’t hear about otherwise. I love that I can bring that room to their knees and then take them back up where they laugh their heads off. I’ve taken them on an emotional roller coaster, I’m an emotional manipulator, that’s my purpose!” 

With marketing and branding, how you engage on social media is about entertaining and getting attention, particularly when we’re trying to connect and stay relevant in front of people. Make sure that your social media is punchy, fun and surprising. If you can surprise and delight your market, it creates the happy hormone, dopamine, in people’s bodies that makes them feel good. They’re more likely to give you their valuable time if they like what you’re doing. Your audience will then share what you’re doing and support your business, because they will feel good when they’re doing it.

Simplicity is key for conveying a distinct and memorable brand. Find your core values and your why. Draw from those foundations, be congruent with who you are and be authentic. That’s the best way to connect with your audience.

“Be consistent… so you’ll never see me with blue hair! You’ll never see a cover of my book that doesn’t have pink on it. Often branding can be so much simpler than people will let it be. It just needs to be simpler and then really consistent, your branding doesn’t need to sing, dance and do the dishes. My name isn’t written super fancy but it’s pink. Many logos, they’re all so complicated it makes my head hurt. Just pick one and then just be consistent.” – Lucy Bloom.

Every day, we need to be resourceful with how we build connection to our audience. As Lucy talks about in the interview, you can build an audience with literally nothing, and as she states so brilliantly, “You’re taught to be resourceful when you have nothing.” Your personal brand is a vehicle to connect through your why and your purpose to an audience that feels the same way. People will connect with you if they believe in what you stand for and if the message comes from you directly. Stay true, be authentic, step up to stand out!

Time Stamp:

1:32 You speak about courage, trust and Maverick thinking which really I respond to.

7:00 People are now online, and that’s all that they are. But you’ve been really noisy online in a really positive way.

14:07 When you lose a job, do you find that the universe provides opportunities from that afterwards? 

25:10 There’s something to be said for how busy we allow ourselves to be, allowing yourself to strip back to the basics is a wonderful thing.

33:50 I think my purpose is to take really boring events and make them memorable.

47:50 Every single day make sure you’re connecting with someone, then those connections will start things moving in directions that you want.

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