Stand out with a heretic mindset and a connected heart

“Heretic caters to the 2%, and we very much believe we are at the front of the wave with this mindset.”

In this episode, James and myself talk about what inspired us to create our new agency, Heretic Creative Agency. In challenging times (note – as I push publish on this podcast the world is in shutdown from the coronora virus), it’s going to take some innovative and alternative thinking to get businesses through this period.

A heretic is a gamechanger, a renegade, a free thinker. The quicker you clearly distinguish who you are, what you stand for, and what you believe in in business and life… the quicker you get the message across.

We are aligned with businesses that are being really ballsy and shaking it up by really doing what they want and getting excited about the changes they are making. True change and innovation does not come from being the same as everybody else and fitting in.

A heretic mindset is a person that is really passionate about what they are doing in their industry. They are part of a revolution about the way things are done in their industry, and in times like these, change is exactly what is needed to see businesses through.

It’s all about connection. People are craving it. There is such an undercurrent of unhappiness and disatissfaction in our Western world. We medicate ourselves with alcohol, food, drugs and holidays. We overdose on excess and when something comes along to destabilise us, we panic and hoard toilet paper! We live through our phones and project these fabulously fake lives… but who is honestly fulfilled by that? Buying more stuff clearly isn’t the answer. And we don’t want to be part of this mindless consumerism.

So the more that a business owner can be the voice of reality in their industry and stand for a clear purpose and provide meaning to what they are doing, then that is when you see a brand take off and people are able to recognise and feel that deeper connection to a common purpose and values.

We want to be the voice for the 2% that are doing amazing things. That’s what we feel our role is, and that’s what we should all be aiming for. To be the voice and to bring our marketing expertise to those companies and those individuals. To get them out there to the broader marketplace and then in turn to get other people thinking, feeling and having the confidence to step up and be more. This is where we specialise, helping you cut through the all the noise and to establish your points of difference and the things that will help you connect with your audience in the most authentic way possible.

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melissa and the team

Melissa J Scott and James Lopes

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