“Do you think that your business or personal brand could benefit from a podcast? If you’re looking for a real, raw and authentic expression of yourself, one that connects with your kind of people, one that ensures you are heard and can make an impact… then the answer is a resounding yes!”

On the podcast this week is Karly Nimmo, who has five iTunes hit podcasts under her belt, including Karlosophies and Rock Your Mic Right. If you’ve ever wanted to learn more about podcasting and if it’s right for you, you cannot miss this episode!

“I am a chronic expressor. The podcast is a way for me to express myself, and a lot of people that I work with, that’s exactly what they want to do. They want to find their voice, their true voice, their truth and express it out into the world… My favorite is to work with people who have stories about sharing themselves.” – Karly Nimmo

Podcasts are booming in popularity, 32% of Americans listen to podcasts at least once a month! Over 1.6 million Australians download a podcast every month, which is up from under 1 million just four years ago. Since this platform only keeps growing, now is a great time to start promoting your business by podcasting.

What makes a podcast so unique is that people can listen to them at any time. While working, driving, exercising and even doing chores around the house. Because they’re purely audio, there are less distractions and listeners can completely immerse themselves in the content while doing the most personal of activities. This makes the relationship with the content provider even stronger as you are literally being let into their personal space through your podcast.

Podcasting is a new form of blogging but the difference is you record the content, and as advocates of connection, it’s now more important than ever that people connect with your business or brand on a human to human level. 

The biggest mistake people make is that they’ve already tried all these things… but it’s all generic and the same, they haven’t found their uniqueness and they’re not sharing it with the world. The moment they break through their resistance to that and they start being themselves… things start to shift, because people can see them and they can connect to them. Particularly if you’re in a coaching or consulting space, but when you are a big part of your business, people need to know who to go to. They need to feel that “you’re my person”. And you can’t do that when you’ve got a mask on. People can feel that.

It’s so much easier to connect with people when they’re not holding themselves back. It’s not natural. Don’t be afraid to let loose. Do what you do, what makes you unique. Because that is what will draw people in, that raw authenticity. If you like to swear, then do it! If you like to be loud, then be loud. If you’re constantly trying to project this copied, cookie cutter image that people seem to be portraying, then you will never fully connect with your audience, they will pick up on it. It’s time to be human to human. Project yourself and connect with your audience.

“A lot of the problems with podcasters is they’re just doing the same stuff everyone else is doing. And you need to bring your special flavor to the show.” – Karly Nimmo

It’s a difficult thing, putting your voice out there for the first time. It can be scary and easy to get into your own head about it. But the best thing you could ever do, is to just do it. Don’t overthink. Just hit record and go. To let yourself open up, sometimes you need to throw yourself into the deep end, get out of your comfort zone.

A podcast is no place to be ‘perfect’. If you’re just constantly ‘perfecting’… all you’re doing is staying in the perfecting zone and you’re not impacting anyone else, because your message is staying inside your head. It’s not actually reaching anyone.

A podcast isn’t something that you can just do a few episodes, become known as the expert and then make it big overnight. That is an unrealistic mindset, and if you are stuck thinking like that then you will fall into a cycle of giving up when you don’t become ‘big’ instantly. Good things take time, patience and passion. If you look at everyone you admire, who is successful and sustainable, the majority of them have been working at it for years.

You can’t go from ‘zero to Oprah’, where you expect to go from nothing to everything overnight! It just does not work that way, so you need to first start by consistently showing up, crafting your message and finding your unique voice, and ensuring you find ways to make it really sustainable for you so you don’t lose interest and it’s always fun for you. When you make it about personal expression and being a real voice for what you stand for… guaranteed that the people who resonate with you with truly listen. And that’s the audience that you want.

Why someone would want to start a podcast is connection. It’s about connecting with an audience… connecting with other humans.

I worked in broadcasting I’ve been a voiceover artist for 15 years, and I’ve been a podcaster for five and I produce shows for some of Australia’s biggest organizations.

I feel like there’s some the magic in podcasting, as in the fact that it’s audio only, so you can take people anywhere without having to take them visually anywhere.

It only takes one power, one influential human being that could completely change your life. So, treat every single number with absolute respect.

To stay connected to my truth so that I’m not being influenced by what I’m seeing out there and then morphing myself into something that I think I should be.

We are all so unique and we all have our own vibration and our own frequency. The more that we can come into that and share that with the world like it’s just such a gift to the planet.

Who is Karly Nimmo?

With five iTunes hit podcasts under her belt, including Karlosophies and Rock Your Mic Right, Karly Nimmo uses her voice and wisdom to guide us back to the truth of who we are so that we can show up and speak up as our fully expressed, most rad selves.

Karly can help connect to your voice, ‘find your freq’ and teach you to podcast like a pro at karlynimmo.comand in your podcast app of choice.

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