“Our guest on the CONNECTED Podcast Episode 2 is James Lopes, the award winning and celebrated videographer, cinematographer and marketer extraordinaire from Arc Shot Media and Heretic Creative Agency.”

James’s story is interesting because he was a mechanical engineer for 25 years with Bluescope Steel in Wollongong. He also toured the world with his band The Cherrypickers as the main songwriter and lead guitarist, and when he turned his hand to video production ten years ago, he was the first video production company to introduce the real estate market to affordable property videos and dabbled with one of the first drones! James is truly an innovator, a true heretic and incredibly passionate about what he does.

James speaks with us about his colourful history, how he turned his back on a very lucrative and well-respected career path in heavy industry, and followed his creative pursuits successfully in two different creative industries, music and video! He also shares with us his tips on how business owners can create far better videos to promote their businesses through impactful storytelling and connection marketing. And shares a very humourous and interesting story about a rap that he wrote for a leading real estate agent that went viral and received world-wide attention (both good and bad) and how bad press can actually turn your video into a viewing sensation!

When you consider that 78% of people watch videos online every week, 55% watch every day, and 80% of the internet is dedicated to video, it’s incredibly important that every business owner makes video a very important part of their marketing strategy and even more importantly… gets the messaging right.

Here are some of James’ expert tips on how to create fantastic video content and cut through the online noise:

  1. When you create video… remember, pants on!
    Ok, so we’re joking obviously, but the point is, if you’re trying get a cheap laugh, don’t. Because unless slap-stick humour is part of your brand, it’s cheap, it’s tacky and it won’t get the attention you want.
  2. Prepare your script – whether it’s notes or a full script, practice and be prepared
    Tell your story succinctly, write your script, write it again, share it with people who you trust. Speak it out loud after you write it, because we speak so differently from how we read in our heads. Speak it with clarity and personality, time it, and keep it succinct as you only have ten seconds to really engage and keep your audience listening.
  3. Know who your target audience is and address them personally
    Address your target audience personally or directly with the word ‘you’ in the opening lines so they feel engaged, and try to create a pattern interrupt to captivate your audience.
    A pattern interrupt is a shock, a jolt or a question, it startles someone into listening to you. Address what your target audiences pain point is and hit them with it straight up front. Ask the question, is this affecting you? And then one you introduce them to their pain, show them how you have the solutions to their discomfort. Be the solution, and show them how easy it is to work with you or buy from you. In business you should always aim to help, and your video content is the perfect vehicle for this.
  4. It’s all about knowing your points of difference and getting them across
    There are 300 hours of video downloaded to the internet every minute. That’s a lot of content! You will only cut through if you are true to who you are and know what it is about you that your audience will love, and then how to communicate that message. Don’t be part of the ‘giant hairball of content’ that is on the internet. Know what your message is and get it across clearly.
  5. Practice at becoming an engaging presenter
    A lot of people are so uncomfortable in front of the camera that they prefer an interview style shot. This is where the interviewee is being addressed by a presenter and talking about their product or business to them slightly off centre so they are looking away from the camera. As opposed to a more direct presenting style which is addressing the camera directly down the barrel which is where your audience is and where your focus should be. It does take some getting used to, but it is far more engaging and personal when you look directly into the camera.
  6. Sound and Lighting are extremely important
    Direct sunlight is harsh and unflattering, and conversely dark or weird shadows across your face can be disconcerting so be aware of your surroundings. You may have heard of the ‘golden hour’, this is the period of daytime shortly after sunrise or before sunset, during which daylight is redder and softer than when the sun is higher in the sky, and therefore doesn’t cast unflattering shadows or overexpose your background when shooting outdoors.Sound is incredibly important. Check it before you leave your location, play it back to make sure there is no wind shear. Bad sound can destroy a video, and in our opinion, bad sound can even be worse than bad vision when it comes to a video. Video is a medium that engages two senses, sight and sound, so both have to be good.
  7. Get comfortable in your own skin
    The second you become comfortable in your own skin it doesn’t matter what you look like, you exude a natural comfort and confidence. The camera is an amplifier of how you are feeling and it can pick up if you’re being fake or ‘pretending’ to be someone you are not.
    Sometimes we can be too self-conscious of our own videos that we are no longer a great judge of how effective they are. We suggest you show your video to people that you trust and who aren’t afraid to tell you that you can do better if that’s required. However if somebody that you trust tells you that your video is fine, then believe them! We are our harshest critics and will get caught up in perfectionism if we let ourselves. ‘Done’ is better than never finished.
  8. If you don’t have the marketing budget to use professionals, you can still produce good content with your own phone
    Focus on the details, prepare the script and know what you want to say. Consider the sound and light, you can buy an affordable microphone to ensure that your sound is clear. Clean the lens before you start, trim your video up at the start and the end, and you can get your logo animated for a small cost on fiverr.com and add that to the end of your video. The important thing to remember is that content is king and you shouldn’t let a lack of funds stop you from creating great content that your audience loves, and these little details can make a home-made video appear a lot more presentable.

I really hope you enjoy listening in to the podcast and watching the video. If you enjoy it and find it valuable, please remember to subscribe to the channel, tell your friends and share it with the people in your inner circle. See you next week!

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