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“Hello and welcome to the podcast and video channel, CONNECTED with Melissa J Scott! So this is our very first podcast and video. I know, I’m coming a little late to the party but in hindsight I’m really glad I waited.”

I’ve been on a bit of a personal and business journey myself over the past 25 odd years which will no doubt unfold as the weeks go by, and I am right on target with my message. Had I launched any sooner it just would have been like all the other digital marketing and branding podcasts out there. CONNECTED is soooooo much more!

Why people push in life and business, rather than letting it flow, even though they’re not clear on their message.

2:47 So why should you be listening to what I say?!

3:58 My personal mission is to impact a million business owners brand, marketing managers and entrepreneurs through our method of Connection Marketing.

5:02 What is the Diffusion of Innovations model? And why the innovators are at the very front of the bell curve just making up 2.5%.

8:25 I grew up in regional Australia on a farm so you can imagine what that was like for me, never ever feeling like I really fit in.

11:56 Stay unique and don’t worry about the imitators. People can copy your sales copy and your ads, but they can’t copy your most important asset… and that is you, your people, your core values and your why.

17:00 Human beings thrive on connection because it’s coded into our DNA. As a society, however, have become really disconnected from our personal truth.

18:08 There’s a wave of change coming. Sustainability, consciousness and meaningful experiences, connection, and providing real value for services and products that people really need and benefit from, and finding solutions that help people to connect with themselves and the communities again, this is how business could be providing real value.

22:36 Why when you pull back the curtains and reveal something that is real in my life or my business, it gets greater traction than trying to present as being picture perfect.

“I believe the western world is literally starved of true connection and instead, we’re burying ourselves in busy-ness and “things” to fill the gaps in our lives, but we’re missing something really deep. We keep looking for the answers outside of us, so we buy more stuff and we consume more how-to videos that all promise the world if we just buy their thing….”

And we live under the hope that technology is going to keep us feeling connected, and yet loneliness, depression and anxiety are at epidemic levels. It feels like the more we are connected through tech, and the more stuff we buy, the more isolated we truly become because it isn’t filling us up. It’s just added to the clutter.

It’s fair to say that I am a bit obsessed with connection. Because it just works. And it’s the difference between have a decent business that chugs along, compared to having a business that is just off the richter where all your team are motivated and inspired to be working with you, and your brand is sought after by your target audience. And where you the business owner or entrepreneur feels deeply committed and connected to what you are trying to do. You’re on a mission and everybody you attract around you feels it and wants in.

Too many people in my industry have mistaken technology and cookie cutter sales funnels and strategies that work great for one person and then dismal failure for another… as connection. They are not. They’re just tools. It’s about people, it’s us showing up authentically and with a deep desire to do good things in the world through our business and our personal beliefs that creates true connection.

If you look at the Diffusion of Innovations Model where you have a typical bell curve of how quickly people respond to change and technology, you have the innovators at the very front of the bell curve just making up 2.5%. then you have the next 13.5% who are early adopters, and so on and so forth.

I believe this to be true in life about pretty much everything. The leaders, the innovators, the entrepreneurs, the business owners and the free thinkers… we sit in this 2% at the front of the bell curve. We are the people in society that really want to inspire and be inspired, and connect more deeply with our own truth so we can share that with others and make real change in the world.

There is a wave of change coming, and it’s been happening for some time now. People are waking up and questioning the way that we do EVERYTHING! We are craving to be less busy, less consumed by ‘stuff’ and wanting to feel connected to ourselves and each other again. We want to do the kind of work and have businesses that has a positive effect on the world, and our environment.

It’s a very exciting time for businesses who can recognise this change and are able to embrace it.

Sustainability, consciousness, meaningful experiences, connection, providing real value for services and products that people really need and benefit from, innovating and finding solutions that help people to connect with themselves and their communities again is how your business could be providing real value moving into the future, and it can be your real point of difference.

“There are two ways to build a career or a business. We can go through life hunting and pecking, looking for opportunities or customers, hoping that something connects. Or we can go through life with intention, knowing what our piece looks like, knowing our WHY, and going straight to the places we fit.”

Simon Senik

Connection is very real. You want your marketing to NOT feel like you’re selling. It has to FEEL right to the customer.

It has to be like a trusted big brother/sister or friend sharing their expertise and help with you and you want to become that person to your audience. I really believe that the era of big corporations and big business is behind us. As a society we are more disconnected and disenfranchised than ever with the ‘machine’ of business and the disappointments they dish up to us as customers.

There is no magic platform that will ensure your message is heard by everyone. You just need to chip away at this, and build a loyal audience by being very regular and consistent and have a common theme that people can identify as you. People are so time poor and overwhelmed with all the content out there in cyberspace. You need to stand out to and the best way is to engage and connect through answering their fears and pains that keep them awake at night.

I really hope you enjoy listening in to the podcast and watching the video. If you enjoy it and find it valuable, please remember to subscribe to the channel, tell your friends and share it with the people in your inner circle. See you next week!

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